What to do if your RFID wand won't send tag numbers to Canix

To use Canix's native RFID integration please contact your sales representative to turn on this feature.

If your RFID wand is connected to Canix, and is beeping when the Canix app migrates to a screen with a barcode field on it, below are the steps to troubleshoot this situation.

This is likely because the RFID trigger is "stuck."

  1. Press the yellow trigger in repeatedly and as hard as you can
  2. If this does not work, move the yellow trigger from side to side as you press in
  3. You should feel the trigger "give" a tiny bit
  4. Navigate back to the Canix home screen
  5. Navigate to Identify Plant. The RFID wand should begin scanning tags

If the above does not work, then please go through the following steps:

  1. Install the Zebra RFID app
  2. Go into Settings > Readers on the Zebra RFID app
  3. Connect the RFID wand
  4. Go to Inventory in the Zebra RFID app and begin scanning
  5. Close the Zebra RFID app
  6. Open up Canix
  7. Start scanning with the RFID wand in Canix

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