Resolving Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Canix currently only supports the SerialIO Adapter. The following instructions outline how to troubleshoot connectivity issues when using this bluetooth adapter.

SerialIO Bluetooth Adapter

The SerialIO Adapter broadcasts its current status with the LEDs on the front of the device. There are three lights: one indicating power/charging, one for Bluetooth status, and another for Bluetooth data transmission.

Flashing Green: Waiting for connection to bluetooth device.

Solid Green: Connected to bluetooth device.

Flashing Blue: Connected to bluetooth device, and transmitting data

Reset the connection

Reset the connection so the cycle can restart.

  • Turn off bluetooth on your mobile device
  • Turn off the bluetooth within the app
  • Unplug your scale and dongle 
  • Before restarting - confirm the app and scale bluetooth connections are turned back on

Check the physical connection

Check that the extension cable is working correctly,

  • Plug the dongle directly into the scale without the cable
  • Move the adapter around

If the light turns blue intermittently, or wiggles, then it's likely the port is damaged and the adapter will need to be stabilized when plugged in to stay connected. You can either use tape or another tool to stabilize the adapter, or purchase a new adapter.


Data is not being sent from the adapter

  • Check if the green light on the adapter is lit when plugged in to the scale. If not:
    • Make sure the adapter is powered on and receiving power (either through the battery or charging cable)
    • Unplug the adapter from the scale. If the light starts flashing green, connect to the adapter from the Canix app before re-connecting the adapter to the scale.
  • Otherwise:
    • If the blue light on the adapter is not flashing, make sure you follow the scale setup instructions above.
    • If all else fails, try unplugging and reconnecting the adapter

SerialIO Adapter not shown in list of available devices

  • Make sure your adapter is charged and turned on (i.e. flashing green light)
  • The adapter can only be connected to one device at a time—ensure that you’ve disconnected all other devices before connecting with a new one

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