How to Adjust Packages (Mobile - Non Metrc)

How to Adjust Packages in Canix

The adjust packages feature in Canix is a very useful tool. Not only can you record adjustments for waste using this feature but you can also adjust the weight of a package for what ever reason needed without altering any other package within Canix. Here are the steps for creating a package adjustment in Canix.

From the Canix Mobile App:

  • Select Packages Adjust Packages

  • Select the Red Plus Sign to add packages that you would like to adjust.

Fill in the following fields:

  • Package Tag: Scan the package tag using the in app barcode scanner or enter the last 4 digits to populate the package tag.
  • Current Weight: Refers to the current weight of the package.
  • New Weight: Here, you will add the new weight of the package that you are adjusting.
  • Reason for Adjustment: Pick the most appropriate reason for why you are changing the weight of the package.
  • Notes (Optional): As shown in the screenshot above, you can add notes about your adjustment if you wish.

  • Adjust Package by completing all required fields and Selecting +Create Package Adjustment
  • Review Package Adjustments, if everything is correct, Select Submit Adjustment to Canix.
  • Adjusting Packages in Canix confirmation window will appear, Select Done once complete

**You have successfully created a Package Adjustment in Canix! **

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