Items (Metrc Manual)

When adding items into Metrc, please keep in mind:

  • Item names are used to identify what type of item is packed into a Metrc package.
  • Item names should not be just a category name, it should be item specific to what is in a Metrc package. 
  • Items in Metrc allows each industry facility to have their own item names.
  • Each facility creates its own items individually by facility.
  • Each item requires a category selection and these categories are setup by the State.  The purpose of categories is for reporting like items as groups.  
  • Your items will identify what is in the package.  These items will identify what category the items belong in.  
  • The package items names will be created by the facility that packages and transfers the item(s).  Whichever facility packages an item, will provide the name for it.  It will retain that item name, unless you re-package it. 

Item Categories are defined by the State, refer to your State Supplemental to find the specific categories that have been setup by your State.

  Add Items

  1. Add Item's Name. This is where you will enter the Items Name.  You will need to enter items for the categories below.  For those items in bold, you will need a unique item for each strain. (IE:  Buds-Blue Dream).
  2. Unit of Measure. The unit of measure will be determined by the category selection above. Depending on the Category selected, the weights will be required, please refer to your State Supplemental for your State's required categories.
  3. Add More Items. Select this button to add multiple items from this screen at one time.
  4. Category. Select a category for each item, please refer to your State Supplemental for your State's required categories.
  5. Create Items button. Click this button to create items, save your work and exit.
  6. Cancel button. You may select the cancel button to exit the screen without saving any changes.

  Edit Items

  1. Edit Items. The Edit Items feature allows a user to change or modify a specific item that has already been created. By using the pull down menu the user can select the item they choose to modify. All of the fields can be changed or modified. The user may also select the item in the item list and then select the edit item feature and it will automatically populate the item in the name field.
  2. Edit Name. This is where you may edit the items name.
  3. Clear button. The clear button will remove all entries from each field.
  4. Edit Unit of Measure. This is where you can alter the unit of measure. You may not be able to change the unit of measure if the category you are using has restrictions on the unit of measure (IE edibles - each only).
  5. Edit Strain. Use the edit strain drop down menu of available strains for selecting the strain the item is associated with. A strain is not required for use with all items. As an example infused products do not require a strain, although a licensee may choose to do so. Some products do require the association of a strain such as buds. Specific questions about strain dependency should be referred to the MED or rules and regulations documentation provided by the MED. 
  6. Edit Category. You may change the category the item is associated with. You cannot change the category for an item if you have already created packages using that item. You will have to discontinue that item and create a new item with the desired category. Please refer to your State Supplemental for your State's required categories.
  7. Save Items button. When you have completed the modifications to the item you can save your changes by selecting the save changes button.
  8. Cancel button. Using the cancel button before selecting the save button will revert the item back to its original state. 

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